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Request for USDA-ARS/USWBSI Non-Competing Continuation Awards

Request for USDA-ARS/USWBSI Continuation Funding

FY22_Y4Y2chartThe FY24-YR3 Continuation Funding Request Submission Portal will open in August 2023, awarded PIs will be contacted directly with instructions for FY24-YR3.

Each year of a USDA-ARS/USWBSI multiple-year project is funded annually. The first increment of funding is issued with a “new” USDA-ARS agreement. The following years are each issued as a continuation award with amendments to the original agreement. Continuation awards are funded in 12-month increments regardless of the agreement period of performance (4YR or 2YR). Continuation awards are reviewed annually for successful outcomes on prior year funding and assessed against requirements and funding availability to determine funding amount. Full funding of the Year 2 requested amount should not be assumed.

The USWBSI continuation award funding process includes two-phases, in order to obtain the next allotment of funding, upon notification, grantees must:

  1. Submit a USWBSI Request for Continuation by September 21, 2023 (instructions below). The USWBSI reviews and determines recommended amount to be funded.
  2. Based on review, submit a USDA-ARS Continuation Award Application in February 2024. The USWBSI NFO will review and forward the application materials to the USDA-ARS.

USDA-ARS/USWBSI Continuation Awards will depend upon:

  • Eligibility, only currently funded USDA-ARS/USWBSI PIs (with agreement established in FY22) are eligible
  • Availability of funds
  • Satisfactory recipient progress and objectives
  • Timely submission of required financial data and reports
  • Compliance with all terms and conditions of the award (awards are subject to 2 CFR 200, as adopted by the USDA-ARS at 2 CFR 400)

USWBSI Continuation Submission Instructions (FY24-YR3)

When the process opens in August 2023, PIs will be able to login to the USWBSI Submission Portal and link(s) to their continuation request submission form(s) for currently funded projects.  
FY24-YR3 Award Year will be 5/1/2024-04/30/2025

USWBSI Submission Form Requirements

  • Summary of Progress/Changes – Download the Summary of Progress and Requested Changes form, complete and upload a signed PDF version. 
    Note: It is critical that a comprehensive account of your project progress be provided, funding determinations will be made on the assessment of progress. (Samples of effective summaries are provided in sidebar for your reference.) 
  • Project Description – Download and review your original (FY22) Project Description (included as link in submission form), if changes are needed for YR3 make them in the document, indicate if any changes were incorporated via checkbox provided, complete and upload project description.
  • Breeder/IM-CP Trial Report – If required for your project, upload your updated Breeder or IM-CP Trials report (see templates in right-hand sidebar on this page).
  • FY24-YR3 Budget Request – Your FY23-YR2 Budget will be available to download for reference only, a new FY24-YR3 Budget Justification and Summary template is required. The expectation is that continuation requests are to be submitted at same amount as approved in FY23-YR2, less an one-time equipment requests that were included in YR2 (if applicable) unless new objectives are being proposed.
  • Multi-PI Projects – For continuation requests, the Lead PI should submit the FY24-YR3 Continuation request collectively for the group (as was done for the pre-proposals), including all individual budgets (use the Multi-PI budget template in right hand sidebar). The co-PIs will not submit at this stage, co-PIs will be contacted directly to provide their individual materials for the USDA-ARS Continuation Award Application stage.

USDA-ARS Continuation Award Application (YR24-YR3)

Once the USWBSI review and recommendation process is complete, PIs will be contacted to prepare a USDA-ARS Continuation Award Application, where any adjustments from the USWBSI review are incorporated and a final budget and summary of progress/changes file are submitted.