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USWBSI 2024 Scabinar

ScabinarThis live, two-hour webinar is intended for practitioner stakeholders
(farmers, crop consultants, extension personnel, and industry personnel) to attain insights on FHB and the best ways to manage FHB and associated mycotoxins in wheat and barley crops. 

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Wednesday, March 13, 2024 - LIVE SESSION COMPLETE
(link to recording provided below)

Program & Experts

Scabinar 2024 featured experts from across different wheat and barley production regions in the U.S. who provided the most current information on managing Fusarium head blight in wheat and barley. Building upon the information presented during Scabinar 2022, Scabinar 2024 focused on fungicides and their use for management of Fusarium head blight and associated mycotoxins that can contaminate grain. Experts included:

Moderator: Andrew Friskop, North Dakota State University

  • History of fungicide testing, registrations, and use for FHB management in the U.S. | Carl Bradley, University of Kentucky

  • Efficacy of fungicides for FHB/DON management in wheat | Pierce Paul, The Ohio State Univesity

  • Efficacy of fungicide for FHB/DON management in winter barley | Christina Cowger, USDA-ARS

  • Fungicide application technology for FHB/DON management | Rob Proulx, North Dakota State University

  • Fungicide resistance risk and monitoring | Martin Chilvers, Michigan State University

  • Panel Session | All speakers, plus Juliet Marshall, University of Idaho and Kelsey Andersen Onofre, Kansas State University

2024 Scabinar Recording

Check out the full recording of the presentations and panel discussion that took place on March 13.


Please Note: Certified Crop Adviser (CCA) continuing education units (CEUs) are not yet available for the recording. We are in the process of gaining approval to provide CEUs in the Integrated Pest Management category. Links for access will be posted here once available.

The Scabinar was hosted by the U.S. Wheat & Barley Scab Initiative. 

Organizing Committee

Carl Bradley, University of Kentucky
Juliet Marshall, University of Idaho
Andrew Friskop, North Dakota State University

CCA CEU Credits

Certified Crop Adviser (CCA) continuing education units (CEUs) CEUs in the Integrated Pest Management category were part of the live session. Stay tuned for CEU option on the 2024 Scabinar recorded content. CEUs are availble for the previous 2022 Scabinar. For more information about the Certified Crop Adviser program, visit

Scabinar Archives

Scabinar 2022 > Recordings of both parts of the 2022 Scabinar were recorded and are available for viewing. CCA CEU credits are also available for the recorded content, successful completion of associated quizzes are required.



Contact the USWBSI Networking & Facilitation Office (NFO) at or call 517.290.5023.