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FHB Impact Updates (formerly FHB Disease Summary Articles) can be found here.

Press Releases

  • 06-06-23 News Release: USWBSI Seeks Novel Science and New PIs for Transformational Science Pre-Proposals

  • 11-18-22 News Release:  U.S. Wheat and Barley Scab Initiative’s 2022 Fusarium Head Blight Disease Impact Update Finds Conditions and Proactive Growers Reduce FHB Impact Across the U.S.

  • 11-3-21 News Release:  U.S. Wheat and Barley Scab Initiative’s 2021 Fusarium Head Blight Disease Impact Update Finds Drought Conditions Minimized Disease Impact Across Most of U.S.

  • 06-11-21 News Release:  USWBSI Seeks News PIs with Transformational Science Pre-Proposals for FY22 Funding Cycle

  • 05-12-15 News Release:  Scab Management:  It Takes an Integrated Approach

  • 04-13-15 News Release:  USDA Small Grains Genotyping Labs Help Breeders Develop & Release Improved Cultivars Faster

  • 10-10-14 News Release:  DON:  Keeping a Mycotoxin in Check Through Ongoing Research, Sound Sampling & Producer Awareness
  • 04-30-14 News Release:  Assessment Tool & Alert System Help Growers Control Scab in Wheat & Barley Fields

  • 04-1-14 News Release:  Initiative Aids in Development of Barley Varieties with Improved Scab Resistance

  • 02-28-14 News Release:  Producers' Input Key in Scab Management Survey

  • 01-6-14 News Release:  Scab Initiative’s Support Key to HRS Wheat Variety Development

  • 07-16-13 News Release:  Early 2013 Scab Reports: Southern States

  • 04-23-13 News Release:  Scab Initiative Challenges Funding Elimination