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Request for Research Funding

USWBSI Research Funding Opportunities

Currently, the USWBSI has the following funding opportunities available for the next funding cycle. Given the extended agreement duration for existing projects, there is a two-path process this year. PIs are encouraged to carefully review the options and make sure they select appropriately. 

SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW ClOSED for FY24 - The next opportunity for new proposals will be available with the FY26 RFP (opening in June 2025).

FY24 Request for Project Pre-Proposals
(New Projects Only)

The USWBSI is pleased to announce its FY24 RFP process for new projects has commenced. Interested PIs should carefully review the eligibility and instructions provided for the research category they are considering. For FY24, new pre-proposals will be submitted as 2-year projects only. Collaborative projects are encouraged.





Key Deadlines:

  • June 1 - Letter of Intent (LOI) online forms open, required for Category 1, 2 and 4
  • June 28 - Deadline for submission of Letters of Intent (LOIs) for Categories 1, 2 and 4
  • July 31 - PIs notified regarding submitted LOIs, if selected, projects move forward to Pre-Proposal submission process
  • August 3 - USWBSI Submission Portal opens, PIs able to start submission of Pre-Proposals 
  • September 21 - Deadline for submission of Pre-Proposals 

FY24-YR3 Continuation Funding Requests
(Currently Funded Projects Only)

Currently funded PIs are eligible to submit a continuation for funding request on Year 3 of their project. Details on the continuation submission process will be emailed to PIs directly. Currently funded PIs may submit new project pre-proposals in addition to their continuation if the project is different than projects already being funded. 





Key Deadlines:

  • August 3 - USWBSI Submission Portal opens for submission of FY24-YR3 Continuation Requests
  • September 21 - Deadline for submission of FY24-YR3 Continuation Requests


Note: For Multi-PI funded projects, only the Lead PI on the project will have access to submit the continuation request for the project.



Contact the USWBSI
Networking & Facilitation Office (NFO) | 517.290.5023


The USWBSI is a national multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional research consortium whose goal is to develop effective control measures that minimize the threat of Fusarium Head Blight (scab), including the production of mycotoxins, for producers, processors and consumers of wheat and barley. The USWBSI’s annual budget comes from Federal funds appropriated through the USDA-ARS and is currently distributed to nearly 150 research projects in more than 30 states.