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Gene Discovery and Engineering Resistance (GDER)

GDER Research Area Committee  Members as of:  1/1/19
Chair, Steve Scofield, USDA-ARS, West Lafayette, IN
Vice-Chair, Harold Trick, Kansas State University
Susan McCormick, USDA-ARS, Peoria, IL
Frances Trail, Michigan State University

Program Description:

The Gene Discovery and Engineering Resistance (GDER) research area (RA) places its primary focus on the identification of wheat and barley gene variants that can be deployed in breeding strategies to increase FHB resistance and/or reduce DON accumulation.  The GDER RA also supports development of gene editing and transgenic strategies to improve FHB resistance, however priority will be given to the use of transgenic techniques as research tools leading to identification of wheat and barley genes that can then be manipulated in breeding approaches.  Gene discovery and transformation of non-cereal systems will be supported only for the purpose of rapidly screening potential anti-Fusarium genes.

FY18-19 Research Priorities Derived from Action Plan Goals:

  1. Identify native wheat and barley gene variants that improve FHB resistance and/or reduce DON accumulation.
  2. Develop assays that can be used to rapidly validate candidate wheat and barley genes for resistance against FHB and/or reduced DON accumulation.
  3. Develop effective FHB resistance and/or reduced DON accumulation through transgenic strategies.
  4. Incorporate new technologies for the generation of gene edited or transgenic wheat and/or barley.


Summary of Funding*
  FY17 (2017-18) FY18 (2018-19)
Number of Projects: 11 (includes 2 multi-PI project) 13 (includes 1 multi-PI project)
Number of PIs: 9 11
Total Award Amount: $380,949 $460,730
% Total Rec. Funding: 6.61% 7.92%
Research Projects: FY17 FY18
*Summary does not include GDER-related projects that are part of the Barley Coordinated Project.

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