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Research FST


Food Safety and Toxicology (FST)

FST Research Area Committee  Members as of:  1/1/20
Chair, Dave Kendra, BASF Plant Science LP, RTP, NC
Vice-Chair, Paul Schwarz, North Dakota State University
Anthony Adeuya, US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), College Park, MD
Scott Heisel, American Malting Barley Association, WI

Project Description

The Food Safety and Toxicology (FST) research area supports research on food safety and food processing issues related to the presence of Fusarium spp. mycotoxins in wheat and barley grain.  Practical outcomes of research in this area include: 1) improved toxicological data to assure that current guidelines are providing the appropriate safety factors for the consumer; 2) analytical tools that can be used by small grain producers, elevators, millers, and processors, to rapidly and reliably identify mycotoxin-contaminated grain; 3) develop appropriate strategies to deal with contaminated grain; and 4) diagnostic data on Fusarium spp. mycotoxins required for development of FHB resistant/tolerant varieties of wheat and barley.

FY20-21 Research Priorities Derived from Action Plan Goals:

  1. Provide analytical support for DON/trichothecene quantitation for the Initiative’s stakeholders.
  2. Support research on DON/trichothecene safety that is needed by producers, grain processors, researchers, risk assessors, and regulators.

Current version of Action Plan (Updated:  5/31/19)


Summary of Funding
  FY19 (2019-20) FY20 (2020-21)
Number of Projects: 5 5
Number of PIs: 5 5
Total Award Amount: $684,101
$655,004 - DON Labs
$29,097 - Research
$923,653 - DON Labs
$58,749 - Research
% of Total Funding: 11.23%
10.75% - DON Labs
0.48% - Research
10.86% - DON Labs
0.69% - Research
Research Projects: FY19 FY20


Updates/Research Reports/Publications