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Research MGMT


FHB Management (MGMT)

MGMT Research Area Committee   Members as of: 1/1/24
Chair, Kaitlyn Bissonnette, Cotton Inc., Cary, NC
Vice-Chair, Alyssa Koehler, University of Delaware, Georgetown, DE
Christina Cowger, USDA-ARS, Raleigh, NC
Erick De Wolf, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS
Briana Whitaker, USDA-ARS, Peoria, IL

Program Description

The FHB Management (MGMT) research area supports research to develop effective and economical disease management practices that reduce FHB severity and mycotoxins in small grain crops to meet the immediate and long-term needs of the wheat and barley industries. This research area involves: tillage practices, crop sequences, and other cultural practices targeting Fusarium-infested residues; fungicides and biocontrol agents with demonstrated field efficacy, and their application technologies; the refinement and deployment of disease prediction and forecasting models, and disease management decision tools; and studies of pathogen survival, inoculum production, dispersal, infection, colonization, mycotoxin production, fungicide sensitivity, and factors accounting for unacceptable levels of mycotoxins in symptomatic or asymptomatic grain. See the FHB Management section of the USWBSI Action Plan for research goals and needs.


Summary of Funding
  FY22 (2022-23) FY23 (2023-24)
Number of Projects: 8 (includes 4 multi-PI projects) 8 (includes 4 multi-PI projects)
Number of PIs: 7 7
Total Award Amount: $267,379 $302,261*
% of Total Funding: 3.09% 3.45%
Research Projects: FY22 FY23

*Received Equipment Request Funding



Research Reports/Publications

Workshop/Planning Meeting Reports

Integrated Management Reports/Updates Reports posted for past 5 years, prior reports available in the USWBSI Documents Database




FHB Forecasting Models