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Protocols, Tips and Tricks

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DON Sampling/Analysis

Fusarium Damaged Kernels (FDK)

Greenhouse Screening

Field Screening

  • Protocol (University of Kentucky)
  • Methods for FHB screening nurseries including inoculum production (Cereal Research Centre, Canada) Gilbert, J., Woods, S.M. 2006. "Strategies and Considerations for Multi-Location FHB Screening Nurseries." In: Ban, T., J.M. Lewis, and E.E. Phipps (eds.) The Global Fusarium Initiative for International Collaboration: A Strategic Planning Workshop held at CIMMYT, El Batán, Mexico; March 14 - 17, 2006. Mexico, D.F.: CIMMYT., pp. 93-102

AUDPC Screening

Inoculum Production/Media Recipes