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Virtual Forum Papers

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Call for Posters and Papers

2020 National Fusarium Head Blight Forum
December 7-11, 2020

Interested in Presenting a Poster or Paper?

Forum participants can report research results in one of the following formats:

  1. Poster with an Associated Paper;
  2. Poster with an Associated Abstract;
  3. Stand-alone Paper;
  4. Invited Talk with an Associated Paper (for invited speakers only); and
  5. Invited Talk with an Associated Abstract (for invited speakers only)

Posters/Papers will be accepted in the following USWBSI research categories:

  • Research Areas (RAs)
    • FHB Management
    • Food Safety and Toxicology
    • Gene Discovery and Engineering Resistance
    • Pathogen Biology and Genetics
  • Coordinated Projects (CPs)
    • Barley Coordinated Project
    • Durum Coordinated Project
    • Hard Winter Wheat Coordinated Project
    • Variety Development and Host Resistance (includes ONLY the three CPs listed below)
      • Spring Wheat Region
      • Northern Soft Winter Wheat
      • Southern Soft Red Winter Wheat

Please note:  Poster assignments within the research area/coordinated project designations are subject to change based on the discretion of the NFO.




To present a poster with an associatied abstract or paper during the Forum, or to submit a stand-alone paper for inclusion in the Forum proceedings, you must complete the following:

  • Registration of Poster/Paper:  Please complete an on-line registration form for each Poster Abstract/Paper or stand-alone Paper by Friday, November 6th.There is no limit to the number of poster abstracts and/or papers submitted by one author.

  • Submission of Content:  Content (i.e. actual abstracts or papers), which will be included in the Forum Proceedings, should be submitted as e-mail attachments and received by the Networking & Facilitation Office at no later than Friday, November 6th.

If you would like to submit a poster abstract and/or paper, first please carefully review the instructions, and then complete a registration form (links below).


Formatting and Submission Instructions for Abstracts and Papers, and Poster Presentations
On-line Registration of
Poster Abstract/Paper






The 2020 National FHB Forum will feature a virtual poster room.  Everyone is welcome to submit a poster (content protected PDF).  This year there will be a few slight changes to the poster sessions.  There won´t be any set poster sessions; posters will be virtually available for viewing by registered Forum attendees for one week (Dec 5th-11th).

Poster presenters need to attend the corresonding Research presentation session for their poster, where there will be a short Question & Answer period towards the end of the session for Forum attendees to ask questions about the posters.

First authors are encouraged, but not required, to submit a 3-minute pre-recorded video explaining their poster.  For information on how to make a pre-recorded video, please click here.

First authors will receive instructions for uploading a content protected PDF of their poster with an accompanying video (if applicable) to a secure website no later than November 16th.




Graduate students, post-doctoral researchers and early career professionals have the opportunity to present a Flash and Dash (F&D) presentation for their poster during their designated research session.  When registering a poster, the graduate student/post-doctoral researcher/early career professional should indicate their intent to present an F&D and then select the appropriate USWBSI research category that best fits their research.  Flash and Dash presentations should consist of a 5-minute pre-recorded video accompanied by a 3 slide PowerPoint presentation which highlights your research.  These video presentations will be viewed during the selected research session followed by a live Q&A for all presentations given during the research session.






Nov. 6th: Deadline for registration of Posters/Papers/Abstracts.
Deadline for the submission of abstract and paper content for inclusion in the Forum proceedings.
Nov. 16th: Posters/Papers/Abstracts Registration IDs for uploading posters will be distributed to First Authors.
Nov. 19th: Individuals notified of selection for Flash & Dash Presentations.
Dec. 4th: All posters (PDF Format) with associated video presentations must be uploaded to the Forum poster presentation website.