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Extension and Grower Tools

Communicators Tool Kit
This webpage provides information for extension specialists and crop consultants to share with growers and use during presentations. Items included are fungicide timing postcards for printing and previous FHB Tool Talk e-newsletters.

FHB Prediction Center and Risk Assessment Tool
The experimental models deployed by the Fusarium Prediction Center represent more than a decade of model development and testing by multiple universities. The models estimate the risk of a Fusarium head blight epidemic with greater than 10% field severity using weather variables observed seven days prior to flowering. Weather during this pre-flowering time period influences the reproduction of the fungus that causes head scab. Testing of these pre-flowering models indicates that the models are correct about 75% of the time. The models are only one source of information available to help make management decisions. We strongly encourage you to consult with local extension specialists, and crop consultants to determine if fungicide applications are needed to suppress Fusarium head blight in your area.

This two-hour Scabinar allows stakehoders to interact and attain insights on Fusarium Head Blight and the best ways to manage Fusarium Head Blight and associated mycotoxins. The event was recorded and available for those unable to attend in person and includes option to attain CEUs online as well.


Regional FHB Management Sites

Michigan State University - Managing Fusarium Head Blight

North Dakota State University - Fusarium Head Blight (Scab) of Small Grains

Ohio State University - Fusarium Head Blight or Head Scab of Wheat, Barley and other Small Grain Crops

Purdue University - Fusarium Head Blight

Kansas State University - Fusarium Head Blight

University of Minnesota - Fusarium Head Blight (Scab) of Small Grains

University of Nebraska - Fusarium Head Blight of Wheat

North Carolina State University - Small Grains

Virginia Polytechnic Institute Wheat Scab - Integrated Disease Management in Small Grains

Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food - Fusarium Head Blight


Grain Sampling For DON Analysis