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Category 2 – FHB Integrated Management Coordinated Project (IM-CP)


Category 2 – FHB Integrated Management Coordinated Project (IM-CP)


If the primary focus of your project aligns with Integrated management strategies for FHB and DON including tillage practices, crop sequences, and other cultural practices targeting Fusarium-infested residues, follow these instructions.


Bullseye image for Research Priorities Section   View the Research Priorities

For guidance on the priorities associated with this Category, view the updated USWBSI Research Project Descriptions and Project Priorities sites for FHB Management. (Identifying which research priorities your project aligns with will be required in the proposal.)


Document Icon for Instructions Section   Review the USWBSI RFP Instructions for Category 2


General instructions for the letter of intent and pre-proposal requirements, and supporting documentation for upload, is outlined in the USWBSI RFP Category 2 Instructions (PDF). It is important that all letters of intent and pre-proposals conform to the instructions provided in the FY22 RFP. PIs are encouraged to review the instructions before starting the submission process.


Submit a Letter of Intent - Now Closed, PIs notified by 7/29

All PIs who want their project considered in this Category, must first submit a letter of intent by July 1 for initial consideration by the Coordinated Project Committee. PIs will be notified if their project is selected to move forward to the pre-proposal submission process. Use this link to access the Letter of Intent form:

Integrated Management Coordinated Project (IM-CP) Letter of Intent Form


If Accepted, Submit a Pre-Proposal


Info Icon for Questions and Contact area   Questions | Contact the Coordinated Project Coordinator


FHB Integrated Management Coordinated Project (IM-CP)
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