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4024 Throckmorton PSC | 1712 Claflin Road, Manhattan, KS 66506

2024 Fusarium Laboratory Workshop

The 23rd Fusarium Laboratory Workshop will be held in the Plant Pathology Department of Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas from 23-28 June 2024. This workshop is taught by international Fusarium experts. Topics covered in this workshop include: (i) morphological characters for strain identification, (ii) molecular characters for strain identification, (iii) species concepts, (iv) mating type and crosses, (v) VCG analyses, (vi) strain preservation, and (vii) mycotoxins. More than half of the time will be spent in the laboratory working with standard strains. Participants may bring some of their own strains (please contact Dr. Leslie to arrange for proper USDA permits). Students and scientists from less-developed countries are eligible for a limited number of slots with a reduced registration fee.

Registration opened in January 2024.  To be added to the distribution list for electronic information on the workshop please contact: