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Submitted by National on 23, Apr 2021
Welcome to the 2021 Fusarium Head Blight Prediction Center. The Prediction Center was renovated this past year and you may need to refresh your web browser to enjoy some of the new features. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the locations of help documents (“?” Button), assessment date selection (calendar), and model selection tools (menu button in the upper left).

The Prediction Center is currently focused on an OK, MO, AR, TN, KY, NC and Southern VA. Wheat in these states likely approaching the heading and flowering stages of growth when the crop is most vulnerable for infection by the Fusarium fungus. Currently, the risk maps indicate the risk is low in most areas of country. With moisture in the form of rain and humidity in the forecast, the risk may change rapidly.

--Erick DeWolf, Extension Plant Pathologist, Kansas State University

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