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Submitted by Mid West - Mid… on 29, May 2020

According to the head scab forecasting system (, the risk for head scab, and consequently , vomitoxin contamination of grain is current high across the state for wheat flowering today. I fact, the risk for scab has been high throughout the week due to the fact that it has been wet and warm. Most of the wheat in northern OH it either at or will soon be at the critical anthesis or flowering growth stage when infection by the scab fungus typically occurs. There is more rain and warm weather in the forecast, meaning that the risk will likely continue to be high as more fields in the northern third of the state reach anthesis. Plan to apply either Prosaro, Caramba, or Miravis Ace at or within the first 4-5 days after anthesis. This will reduce scab and vomitoxin by 50% of more.

Click on the link below to learn how to interpret the foresting system and identify the anthesis growth stage.
--Pierce Paul, Extension Plant Pathologist, Ohio State University
For more details, go to the FHB Risk assessment tool at
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