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Durhan Skyline image courtesy of Discover Durham

2006 National Fusarium Head Blight Forum


December 10-12, 2006
Sheraton Imperial Hotel & Convention Center
Durham, NC






Complete Proceedings Front Cover, Sponsors Page, Back Cover, etc.


Table of Contents Opening Talk Section 1:  Chemical, Biological and Cultural Control (Pages 5-32)

Section 2:  Etiology, Epidemiology and Disease Forecasting (Pages 33-54)

Section 3:  Food Safety, Toxicology and Utilization of Mycotoxin-contaminated Grain (Pages 55-60)

Section 4:  Genetic Engineering and Transformation (Pages 61-70)

Section 5:  Host Plant Resistance and Variety Development(Page 71-132)

Section 6:  Pathogen Genetics and Genomics (Pages 133-144)

Section 7:  Other Papers (Pages 145-148)

©Copyright 2006 by the individual authors.