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"Kansas City at night" by MRHSfan is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

2007 National Fusarium Head Blight Forum


December 2-4, 2007
The Westin Crown Center
Kansas City, MO




Printed Program (PDF)


Complete Proceedings Front Cover, Dedication*, Organizing Committee, Sponsors, etc.

Table of Contents Keynote Presentation Session 1:  Food Safety, Toxicology and Utilization of Mycotoxin-contaminated Grain (Pages 9-19)

Session 2:  Pathogen Biology and Genetics (Pages 23-42)

Session 3:  Gene Discovery and Engineering Resistance (Pages 47-66)

Session 4:  FHB Management (Pages 69-153)

Session 5:  Variety Development and Host Resistance (Page 161-252)

Corrected Pages: (246-248) - Table and captions for figures missing from printed proceedings.

©Copyright 2007 by the individual authors.

*The 2007 Proceedings were dedicated to the memory of Tom Anderson, Co-Chair of the USWBSI from 1997-2007.