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Submitted by Mid West - Mid… on 27, May 2020

High scab risk is predicted for all wheat of all resistance levels across much of the state according to the current risk model. Additionally, many varieties are moving into flowering or are currently flowering in much of the state with high risk. Now is the time to consider a fungicide application for fields that are flowering or are soon to be. With rains predicted in the coming days, it is important to remember that the optimal time for a fungicide application is at or within 5 days of flowering, so find the window to apply an effective triazole or triazole + SDHI fungicide when possible. Be sure to keep in mind the rainfast period when applying during these windows. DO NOT apply a strobilurin-containing fungicide as these fungicides can increase mycotoxin levels in the grain. Always read and follow label instructions when applying fungicides.

-- Kaitlyn Bissonnette, University of Missouri, State Field Crop Plant Pathologist

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