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Submitted by Mid West - Mid… on 30, Apr 2020

Wheat has begun flowering in the southeast region of the state and is moving full on into heading in the rest of the southern part of the state. Overall risk for FHB development remains low for most varieties that fall in the Moderately Susceptible and Moderately Resistant categories. As wheat starts to head out and flower in the rest of the state in the coming weeks, there are a few things to consider when determining whether a fungicide application will be warranted in your field. Consider the resistance level of the variety, the weather conditions present, and if wheat is flowering or approaching the flowering stage. If considering a fungicide application, the optimal time to apply a fungicide at or within 5 days of flowering. It is not recommended to apply a strobilurin containing fungicide as these fungicides can result in increases in mycotoxins in the grain. Always read and follow label instructions when applying fungicides.

-- Kaitlyn Bissonnette, University of Missouri, State Field Crop Plant Pathologist

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