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Submitted by Northern Great… on 23, Jun 2023
The earliest planted spring wheat has started to flower in some areas of the state and most reports have estimated that a significant amount of spring wheat and barley acreage will start heading next week. Scab risk is still low for susceptible varieties, but recent rain events across the state (and into the weekend) will likely drive up scab risk for most areas across the state. After experiencing very hot and very dry weather, cool weather has settled in with high chances of rain and higher relative humidity levels at night. If the current forecast holds true, we will expect to see scab risk increase on susceptible varieties. As a reminder, the best time to apply a fungicide in spring wheat and durum is at early-flowering or up to 7 days after onset of early-flowering. For spring barley, the best time is to apply at full-head or up to 7 days after full head emergence. In other words, we have about a 7-day window to make an effective application for scab.

--Andrew Friskop, Associate Professor and Cereal Extension Pathologist, North Dakota State University