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Submitted by Central Great … on 25, May 2023
The FHB risk map is showing moderate to high risk in parts of western Nebraska. There have been significant amounts of rainfall in some areas in the region in recent weeks. In the southwest wheat is flowering or just past flowering. In the Panhandle (northwest), growth stage is at Feekes 9 to boot to just starting to head depending on the location, and therefore it is too early for infections to occur at this time. Growers in the southwest and Panhandle regions of Nebraska should monitor the weather and their wheat fields, especially irrigated fields. Additional precipitation will increase the risk of FHB in these two regions. In the eastern half of the state, wheat is past the flowering growth stage in most fields; it has been too dry in this part of the state, which has kept FHB risk low.

--Stephen Wegulo, Professor/Extension Plant Pathologist, University of Nebraska-Lincoln