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2003 National Fusarium Head Blight Forum


December 13-15, 2003
Holiday Inn Select
Bloomington, MN




Press Release
Complete Proceedings
Section 1: Front Cover, Sponsors Page, Back Cover, etc.
Section 2: Table of Contents
Section 3: Opening Session (Page 1)
Section 4: Biotechnology (Pages 2-59)
Section 5: Chemical and Biological Control (Pages 60-119)
Section 6: Epidemiology and Disease Management (Pages 120-185)
Section 7: Food Safety, Toxicology and Utilization (Pages 186-214)
Section 8: Germplasm Introduction and Enhancement (Pages 215-241)
Section 9: Variety Development and Uniform Nurseries (Pages 242-303)
Section 10: Other - National Initiatives (Pages 304-305)

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