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2024 National FHB Forum Program

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2024 National FHB Forum Program Schedule at a Glance*

The USWBSI Forum Organizing Committee (FOC) is developing the scientific program, which will be available in Summer 2024. The FOC welcomes suggestions, reach out to any of the FOC representatives. All FHB community members are welcome to participate in Poster Sessions, abstract submssion will open in Fall 2024. 

Schedule at a Glance

*specific session timing is subject to change, the NFHB Forum start and end times will remain as indicated. 

USWBSI 2023 Forum Organizing Committee (FOC)


Esten Mason, Colorado State University and Lisa Vaillancourt, University of Kentucky


FHB Management

Kelsey Andersen Onofre, Kansas State University

Christina Cowger, USDA-ARS

Food Safety & Toxicology

Mark Busman, USDA-ARS

Dave Kendra, Cibus

Gene Discovery and Engineering Resistance

Nidhi Rawat, University of Maryland

Matt Helm, USDA-ARS

Pathogen Biology and Genetics

Hye-Seon Kim, USDA-ARS

Mitch Elmore, USDA-ARS

Variety Development and Host Resistance

Jason Fiedler, USDA-ARS

Jessica Rutkoski, University of Illinois