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2022 National FHB Forum Program

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2022 National FHB Forum Program Schedule

The following is the general outline of the program for the 2022 NFHB Forum to help in planning your arrival/departure.

The Forum Organizing Committee is currently finalizing plans for the Opening Session, and submissions have just opened for the Poster Sessions and Flash & Dash, make sure to check out the impresive 2022 General Session Speaker Lineup!







For attendees interested in presenting a poster during the NFHB Forum, abstract submission details are now available.

Program Schedule

We are excited to see you all in person at the 2022 NFHB Forum!

USWBSI 2022 Forum Organizing Committee (FOC)


Carl Schwinke, Siemer Milling Co. and Alyssa Collins, The Pennsylvania State University


FHB Management

Ce Yang, University of Minnesota

Alyssa Koehler, University of Delaware

Food Safety & Toxicology

Jiajia Rao, North Dakota State University

Xiang Yin, Rahr Malting Corp.

Gene Discovery and Engineering Resistance

Guihua Bai, USDA-ARS

Nidhi Rawat, University of Maryland

Pathogen Biology and Genetics

Peter Oppenheimer, North Carolina State University

Imane Laraba, USDA-ARS

Variety Development and Host Resistance

Nicholas Santantonio, Virginia Tech

Shengming Yang, USDA-ARS