FY20-21 Request for Project Pre-Proposals using the USWBSI's
Electronic Pre-Proposal Submission (EPS) System.


Welcome to the Electronic Pre-Proposal Submission (EPS) process for FY20-21. A separate registration form must be completed if you are submitting more than one Proposed Research Project/Individual Pre-proposal for consideration of funding. The information entered on this form will be used to configure your account in the EPS system as well as accounts for your Co-Investigators. This step must be completed before you can upload your pre-proposal and/or supporting documents (CV/Publication Lists and Current-Pending Support Form).

The deadline for completing the 'Pre-Registration' is Friday August 30th. You will receive an e-mail message within 48 business hours or no later than September 2, 2019 containing instructions for submitting the documents associated with your proposed research via the EPS System.

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