FHB Update from MI, 06/06/19

The weather pattern has been quite favorable for Head scab during the past couple weeks so growers are encouraged to consider fungicide use if conditions warrant. Heads and flowers will likely emerge in southern counties during the next week. We may still be a week or more away in the Thumb and north-central counties. We now have three main products from which to choose: Caramba, Miravis Ace and Prosaro. If one elects to treat:: apply a few days after the first flowers emerge; target the heads by raising the boom to 8 to 12 inches above the heads; use dual nozzles directed both forward and backward ( or, if using single nozzle, at least direct it forward to achieve as much spray deposition on heads as possible); and create a moderately fine spray (if a misty vapor is rolling off the boom, the particles are too small and adjustments should be made).

--Martin Nagelkirk, Extension Educator, Michigan State University

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