FHB Update from IL, 05/21/19

Wheat is starting to flower as we approach the central portion of the state or will likely start doing so by the end of the week. Recent rains have resulted in elevated risk levels for the wheat that has flowered over the weekend, and forecasted storms moving through Illinois may continue to keep the risk level elevated for those fields that flower over the week. If considering a fungicide application, remember that replicated university research indicates that regardless of product, fungicides applied between flowering (FGS 10.5.1) and roughly 6 days past this point provide the greatest suppression of FHB. Recommended products include Caramba, Miravis Ace, Prosaro, and Proline. As usual, make sure to follow label guidelines for application. Those in the south who flowered roughly 2 weeks ago should start to see symptoms of FHB starting around this time next week if infections occurred.

--Nathan Kleczewski, Research Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist, University of Illinois

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