FHB Update from MD, 04/29/19

Wheat in the Eastern Shore of Maryland has booted and should be heading out soon. Barley is already flowering there. FHB risk has slightly increased to moderate level in parts of the state over the past week. Growers here should keep an eye on the FHB risk, as crop heads and flowers here in coming weeks. Fungicides Prosaro, Caramba and Miravis-Ace should be effective in minimizing damage due to FHB in wheat, when applied at flowering. Wheat is considered to be at flowering when at least 50% of the heads of a field are beginning to show yellow anthers. Strobilurin containing fungicides should not be applied now, as they might increase the chances of DON content in the grains. Up in the northern part of the state wheat is at second node to flag leaf stage, predictably around 2-3 weeks away from flowering.

--Nidhi Rawat, Small grains Pathologist, University of Maryland

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