FHB Update from MD, 05/30/18

Flowering is all finished across all counties of Maryland now, except for a few late planted fields in the northern part of MD that may still be flowering, and with the current high risks of FHB should be sprayed with Prosaro/Caramba. For most parts, wheat is now in the grain filling stage. With the showers that we had at flowering, there are high chances of substantial Fusarium Head Blight incidences this year. Consequently, tombstones (shriveled scabby kernels) and DON content are going to be a concern for the growers. To assess the incidence of FHB, you may randomly pick 20-25 heads of wheat per 1-2 acres and count the spikes having bleached spikelets. Fields with high incidence rates should be harvested separately from those with lower incidences. Harvesting from fields with high levels of FHB incidence should be done with higher fan speeds to remove lighter tombstone kernels. The farmers are advised to get the DON content analyzed in the grain before taking it to the market.

--Nidhi Rawat, Small grains Pathologist, University of Maryland

For more details, go to the FHB Risk assessment tool at http://www.wheatscab.psu.edu

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