FHB Update from MD, 05/22/18

With the recent wet period and warm temperatures, FHB risk in the state of Maryland continues to be very high. Growers having their wheat flowering now are advised to spray triazole fungicides (Prosaro/Caramba) for FHB. Aerial application at a rate of 5 gallons per acre or ground application at 15 gallons per acre with 300-350 um droplet size and nozzles angled down 30 to 45 degrees from horizontal is recommended. If flowering has finished, fungicide spray will not help to reduce FHB and DON contamination of grains. Do not spray strobilurin-containing fungicides.

--Nidhi Rawat, Small grains Pathologist, University of Maryland

For more details, go to the FHB Risk assessment tool at http://www.wheatscab.psu.edu

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