Plant Cell Biology Discovery Scientists / Brazil

Centro de Tecnologia Canavieira (CTC) is seeking qualified individuals
interested in joining forces to build a world class multidisciplinary
sugarcane cell biology discovery team focused on development of genotype
flexible cell biology for plant multiplication, tissue culture and
transformation. Our vision for this team is to completely reinvent sugarcane
cell biology such that upon implementation it accelerates delivery of CTCs
product portfolio of leading sugarcane varieties and biotechnology. The
sugarcane cell biology discovery team will comprise an internal team at CTC
headquarters in Piracicaba, BR and a startup incubator site in the U.S and
will work intimately with CTC´s Somatic Embryogenesis Production and
Transformation Teams. We are interested in candidates with training or
advanced degrees in a broad range of disciplines to foster out-of-the-box
approaches to solve this decades-old technical challenge. CTC will be very
flexible in engaging team members depending on the candidates needs including
short and long term opportunities at both sites.

CTC is an industry leader in sugarcane breeding and biotechnology. For more
information, please refer to

If interested in embarking on this adventure in cell biology with CTC, please
contact: Dave Somers at

Time remaining: 46%
02/13/2018 (2 months)