Postdoctoral position, Texas A&M, Amarillo, Texas

General Duties and Responsibilities:
The successful candidate will join in a strong, regionally and nationally recognized research program that involves interaction with research team members at Texas AgriLife Research (Amarillo and Bushland), USDA-ARS at Bushland and Lubbock, and West Texas A&M University and with collaborators at Texas AgriLife Research and TAMU System at College Station as well as other institutes in the Great Plains. The research program will focus on molecular responses to biotic and abiotic stresses and their mechanisms. The major responsibilities are gene/QTL mapping, KASP marker development, validation and application in breeding programs, as well as gene function analysis for important traits using mutations, CRISP-Cas9, RNAseq, Exome capture etc. Will involve with making wheat doubled haploid for breeding, genetic and genomic studies. Analyze data from bi-parental mapping and association mapping with high throughput genotyping and phenotyping data. Summarize and publish research results in peer-reviewed scientific publications. Supervise student workers, graduate students and research technicians as needed.

Administrative Relationships:
The successful candidate will be supervised by Dr. Shuyu Liu, Associate Professor and wheat geneticist at Amarillo, and work very closely with the wheat breeder, stress physiologist, pathologist and entomologist at Amarillo and within Texas A&M System or other institutes.

For full information please see the position description below.

Time remaining: 11%
12/13/2018 (1 month)

Position Description: