Ph.D. Position in Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Cereals at University of Nebraska –Lincoln

Walia lab at UNL has a Ph.D. position available for Fall 2017/Spring 2018.

Primary focus of the program is to understand crop adaptation to
environmental stresses such as drought and salinity. Research in the lab
focuses on stress tolerance during developmental stages that are particularly
sensitive to abiotic stresses resulting in yield and biomass losses. We are
using genomics, computational, phenomics and physiological approaches to
elucidate the mechanisms involved in abiotic stress tolerance in wheat and
rice. The overall research goal is to discover genes and genetic variants
that can be used to improve crop performance in sub-optimal growing

More Information:

If interested, please send a CV and contact details (phone, email) for at
least three professional references to Harkamal Walia.

Contact Information:
Harkamal Walia
Department of Agronomy and Horticulture
University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Time remaining: 5%
11/13/2018 (3 weeks)