FHB Update from IN, 04/21/17

Wheat heads have emerged in southern Indiana and flowering may begin this weekend or early next week. Currently, the overall risk for Fusarium head blight is predicted to be low, but scattered rain over the weekend and high humidity may increase risk locally. Producers should be prepared to apply a fungicide if weather conditions are humid and rainfall is predicted. Fungicide applications should be applied at early flowering to be most effective. Purdue research indicates that applications of the fungicides Prosaro and Caramba are most effective at managing FHB if they are applied at early flowering (Feekes growth stage 10.5.1). Other products are available, but may not be as effective. If weather or other factors delay application and risk for FHB is high, Purdue University research indicates that fungicides applied a few days after flowering can reduce deoxynivalenol (DON) compared to no fungicide application.

--Kiersten Wise, Extension Plant Pathologist, Purdue University

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