Application Overview

Welcome to the new and improved USWBSI site! The site is now using Drupal content management software to bring the Scab Community all of the original data from the old USWBSI site and to offer a suite of services that we hope you will find useful.

The Drupal system is a popular content management system built on a modular architecture. This allows for the easy installation of new web-based applications and themes for content presentation. Due to the large community of Drupal programmers services that were also offered in the old version of the USWBSI website often times have more features and functionality when run in Drupal. There is also a greater variety of service modules available for us to offer the community.

These services can be accessed from the left menu under the "USWBSI Application" header. Each of those links is a small application that runs on the server and is used through your web browser. You simply need to login with the user/password you registered with the site to take full advantage of those applications. If you would like to become a registered user, please contact the NFO at If you are new to the USWBSI, please indicate why you are insterested in becoming a registered user. If you are not a registered user, you may still use many of these applications without logging in but you will only have a limited set of features available.

To those of you not familiar with these applications, below is a brief description of each application:

Discussion Board: This is a public forum for discussion on a wide variety of Scab related topics. Messages can be posted to the appropriate category and other community members can add additional posts in reply. This allows for a public conversation about your topic.
Scab Blog: This application is similar to the discussion board but instead of facilitating public discussions it is mostly used to post information and updates on various topics that don't need discussion. Think of it as an electronic bulletin board.
Photo Library: We have provided a space for users to post and share their scab related images. The library is broken up into many relevant image categories for you to use. During upload you can title your image and provide a brief description of it. During upload an "image_category" is required to be selected. This determines the image gallery in which your image will appear.
My Scab Documents: This application provides users with personal online file storage. Any type of file can be uploaded to your space or other folders that you may have permission to edit. Your files can be as private or public as you like. This version of the Scab Document services offers many advantages over the previous version. These include the ability to set email notifications for new uploads or file revisions, quick access to groups of files based on parameters like ownership, or unread status, and the ability to flag files for future reference.

The permissions system is folder based. This means that you will not set the privacy level on individual files but on the folders that contain them. Once a folder has its permissions set, all files in it and new files uploaded to it will inherit those permissions. Folder permissions can be changed at any time by clicking on the folder name in the file display window on the right and then clicking the Permissions button. The default setting for a folder is read and edit only by you.

For more assistance on using this service you can watch the YouTube video created by the module's author:

Calendar: A listing of events that the site administrators have determined to be useful to the community. The calendar can be viewed in a variety of ways including weekly, monthly, and yearly. The calendar tracks your viewing and will always return you to the month you last viewed.

In the upper right column on the USWBSI's homepage we have included an Upcoming Events section that shows the next 10 items that have been entered into the calendar.